Things that no longer comfort me

The Wave — La Vague by Henry Privat Livement, from the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University.

1. Being slightly less worse

2. Being slightly more efficient

3. Being the exceptional, virtuous one

4. Being unexceptional and normal

5. Every little bit counts

6. Progress is happening

7. Not everything is shit yet

Where can we find real comfort?

Comfort and security are the past, if you ever had them. Many people never did. The Holocene is behind us. What lies in front is still undetermined, and can still be changed. But it will take the fight of our lives, for all of our lives, to change this. This will not be fun, or fulfilling, or a worthy adventure of self-discovery, or a cute feel-good movie, or a task of personal validation. I mean, maybe from time to time there will be those things, who knows. Who cares. This is a fight for life itself. We get to be depressed, despondent, little creatures against the crushing change of geological epochs and mighty economic systems. But we need to be little creatures who are learning to fight very very very fast and very very very well together against the brutal forces of domination which steer our current course.

What does it mean to be loving a vanishing world a this time? As Mary Annaïse Heglar has written: “I don’t need a guarantee of success before I risk everything to save the things, the people, the places that I love. … This planet is the only home we’ll ever have. There’s no place like it. Home is always, always, always worth it.

So. Read Naomi Klein, Arundhati Roy, George Monbiot, Frantz Fanon, Rosa Luxemburg. Learn to become a revolutionary, get some courage and guts and analysis. Consult my handy “Audacious Toolkit” on types of action & activism and how to find your place in them. Join Extinction Rebellion (caveat: only the groups that put social & racial justice front & centre, obviously), and/or the Sunrise Movement, and/or Fridays for Future, and/or all of them. Let’s do this. GO.



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