The bear, the tiger, and the trade unionist

The Swiss franc, human rights and ecocide

The Indonesian Tiger and the Swiss Bear hugging in the forest: the natural imagery used by the free trade campaign to sell a vote for ecocide.

A modern religion of competition and domination

The well-being of myself, my family and my community is dependent, whether I like it or not, on the exploitation of other human beings and the destruction of nature.

You have to fuck people over to survive.

The cover of Peter Kropotkin’s classic “Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution”

Kropotkin (and Mister Rogers) were right

Mister Rogers, a good person (and advocate of public transit.) Picture courtesy of WikiMedia Commons.

Fake origin stories and fascism

Cover of “The Immortal Hour” by Fiona MacLeod (really William Sharp), part of the reinventing of colonial industrial Britain as a land of rural idyll.

The trade unionist

Learning new economics at comic-con

Cover page of the highly, highly recommended legendary graphic book by Seth Tobocman



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