Post-capitalist reading in a time of pandemic

Rich white dudes (here Voltaire, D’Alembert, Diderot & Co.) used to be able to sit together and talk about stuff, but we have to use the internet now because of a global pandemic. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

This is less of a blog post and more of a collection of essential readings at this time. I’ll be adding to it (especially if you send me links, hint hint). There are books in here: please consider ordering them from your local bricks & mortar bookstore.

[Update March 21st, 2020: adding new contributions, but this is obviously going to get a bit long, so starting to categorize. Also it occurs to me that this collection is VERY male-centric, and mostly white. This is because dudes are socialized to be overconfident and women are socialized to be overcautious. Contributions by women & Black/PoC/indigenous/disabled etc gratefully accepted.
Latest update: May 18th 2020. Please leave suggestions in replies?]

  • Naomi Klein: The Shock Doctrine and The Battle for Paradise.
  • Paul and Mark Engler: This Is An Uprising! [This book is required reading. You must read it. Now.]

General books on environment and socio-economic transformation

  • George Monbiot — Out of the Wreckage.
  • Arturo Escobar — Designs for the Pluriverse.
  • Rob Hopkins — From What Is to What If.
  • Benedict MacDonald — Rebirding.
  • The mushroom at the end of the world: on the possibility of life in capitalist ruins, by Anna Lowenhaupt-Tsing.



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Julia Steinberger

Immigrant, Swiss-American-UK ecological economist at the University of Lausanne. Research focus on living well within planetary limits. Opinions my own.